Frequently Asked Questions:

Of course – every customer has the opportunity to make changes to their order. To make changes to the order, please report it in the CONTACT tab at the top of the page, but no later than one day before the planned collection of the parcel by the courier.

If the courier does not arrive to collect the parcel on the scheduled date by 6:00 p.m., please report the problem immediately in the CONTACT tab. The notification must include the order number, shipment number received in a message from Info Agent and the sender’s name and surname.

If the parameters of the parcel exceed the permissible dimensions, the Ordering Party is obliged to pay a penalty ranging from £10 to £250. If the customer fails to pay the penalty, the parcel will be withheld until the fee is paid. If the customer does not pay the surcharge for exceeding the weight or size of the package, the case will be transferred to a debt collection company. Due to the above, before sending the parcel, please make sure of its size and weight and carefully read the regulations posted on our website.

In Great Britain, couriers collect parcels between 09.00 and 17.00 and it is not possible to determine the exact time at which the courier should arrive for collection at a given location. However, you can obtain information about the approximate time of the courier’s visit by calling DPD UK (tel. no. 08459300350) and providing the track number received in the message from the Info Agent. In the case of Poland, parcels are also collected between 09.00 and 17.00. It is not possible to determine the time of delivery of the parcel.

Great Britain: on the day of delivery of the parcel, each customer receives an e-mail from the carrier stating the approximate time of the courier’s arrival with the parcel.
Poland: Unfortunately, GLS Polska does not inform when and at what time the parcel will be delivered. To obtain information on the stage of delivery of the parcel, please call our office directly: 12 306 70 90.

Unfortunately, in the economic service and transport industry it is not possible to provide the exact time of the courier’s arrival, so if you know that you will not be at home on a given day, we recommend changing the date of receipt of the parcel or the address where the courier is to appear. Such a change must be made no later than one day before the planned collection. The above-mentioned situation can be reported in the CONTACT.

If it is not possible to make changes (exceeding the contractual deadline for making changes), ask another household member or neighbor to give the parcel to the courier. It is not possible to leave the parcel, e.g. in the corridor or on the staircase, because the courier will not collect such a parcel. If the courier does not report on the agreed date by 18.00, see point 2.

If the courier does not collect the parcel because the sender was not at home, the order can only be repeated after an additional fee of £8 (the fee charged by the courier company for the so-called empty driveway)

You should be aware that there are certain legal restrictions as to what products can be sent via courier companies.

It is prohibited, among others: sending goods/articles such as: glass items, jewelry, money, chemicals (e.g. liquids, cleaning products, household chemicals, oils, etc.), food products (e.g. meat, dairy products, articles whose expiration date is short, so they can spoil quickly) and alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco, animals, batteries and accumulators, aerosol products. Detailed information on prohibited goods can be found in the regulations.

Additionally, the courier may refuse to collect the shipment, even though an agreement has been concluded with the customer, if:

  • The shipment was not packed according to the guidelines;
  • The parcel contains liquid products, oils, paints, etc., the parcel contains dangerous goods, e.g. flammable, explosive, radioactive or corrosive materials, weapons, ammunition, products with an unpleasant odor, the parcel contains drugs, medicines and psychotropic substances . The parcel contains live animals or plants, the parcel contains a corpse or other remains;
  • The packaging contains stamps or drawings that infringe goods protected by legal acts;
  • The appearance of the parcel, its dimensions and weight do not allow it to be transported using the means and devices available to the courier company;
  • Inside the package there are works of art, antiques, vintage items, stones and precious metals in any form;
  • The shipment contains currency, securities, certificates or other negotiable materials;
  • The parcel’s packaging is dirty or has a shape that could damage other parcels during transport.

It is not possible to precisely determine the day and time of delivery of the parcel, because certain circumstances may arise during transport that will delay the delivery date. Therefore, the order completion times posted on our website are indicative only. However, it should be emphasized that each person waiting for the parcel receives an SMS or e-mail on the day of receipt with the planned delivery time. The message also includes options such as: postponing the date and changing the delivery address.

Parcels from our warehouse in the UK (and from Poland) are transported by a private carrier and unfortunately it is not possible to track them. To obtain information for a specific parcel, please contact the office: tel: 12 306 70 90. Or e-mail:

Unfortunately, in the transport industry it is not possible to determine the exact time when the courier will arrive at the indicated address. Therefore, if you are not at home, the parcel can be delivered, for example, by someone from your family who is currently at home. If this is not possible, you can leave the parcel with a neighbor or at a nearby Polish store, or send it from your workplace.