How to pack a pallet for shipping

Packing a pallet for shipment requires appropriate protection of the goods against damage during transport.

Required materials

  • Palette:
    • Make sure the pallet is in good condition and properly sized for the goods placed on it.
  • Stretch Foils:
    • Use stretch films to wrap and secure goods on the pallet.
  • Cardboard on top:
    • Place the cardboard on top of the pallet to further protect the goods from the upper layers.
  • Styrofoam or Protective Foam:
    • Add a layer of Styrofoam or protective foam on top of the goods, especially if they are delicate items.
  • Pallet Corners:
    • Use pallet corners to protect the edges of the pallet from damage.
  • Adhesive Tapes:
    • Secure the pallet with adhesive tapes, especially in places where the stretch film crosses.
  • Content Label:
    • Add a label with information about the contents of the pallet, especially if the goods are susceptible to damage.
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Pack a pallet step by step

  • Prepare the Palette:
    • Make sure the pallet is clean, stable and adapted to the dimensions of the goods.
  • Secure Heavy Goods:
    • Place heavy items in the center of the pallet and secure them with stretch film.
  • Add a Protective Layer:
    • If necessary, add a protective layer such as cardboard on top of the goods to protect them from contamination and damage.
  • Protect Fragile Goods:
    • If there are fragile items, add a layer of Styrofoam or protective foam to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Wrap with Stretch Foil:
    • Wrap the entire pallet with stretch foil. Provide multiple layers for extra protection.
  • Add Pallet Corners:
    • Place pallet corners to protect the pallet edges against possible impacts and damage.
  • Secure the edges of the pallet:
    • If the goods extend beyond the edges of the pallet, protect these areas with additional stretch film.
  • Secure the Parcel with Adhesive Tape:
    • Secure the entire shipment with adhesive tape. In places where the stretch wrap is crossed, add tape to prevent it from loosening during transport.
  • Add Tags:
    • Place labels with information about the contents of the pallet and any operating instructions.
  • Check Stability:
    • Check the stability of the pallet, confirming that the goods are secure and not moving.

Before sending a pallet, check with the supplier or courier company to make sure you meet their requirements.

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