International shipments

International shipments require additional steps and considerations to ensure efficient and legal transportation. Make sure you have all the necessary customs documents, such as invoices, packing lists, customs declarations and any other documents required by the countries through which the shipment will be transported.

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International shipments with Paczka2Go

At Paczka2Go, we are constantly looking for simple and convenient solutions for customers. We have prepared an attractive offer that allows you to ship international shipments will reach recipients without any problem. The automated process of sending parcels allows for quick and cheap shipment without unnecessary formalities.

We cooperate with leading carriers on the market and offer short delivery times for international shipments and competitive prices.

Send a parcel abroad with Paczka2Go

Plan your pack

Prepare the package, make sure it is properly packed and secured to avoid damage during transport.

Evaluate the costs

Costs typically depend on weight, size, destination country and delivery service selected. Use our package configurator.

Make your order

Place an order for a shipment abroad via the parcel configurator or use the hotline.

International shipments
courier services for companies


International shipments that are subject to standard delivery times and freight costs and do not include services such as real-time shipment tracking or same-day delivery.


These shipments have an accelerated delivery time compared to standard shipments.


Some foreign shipments require special treatment or transport procedures due to their size, shape, weight or properties.

On the pallet

This type of shipment is often used for larger quantities of goods or heavier loads that are too large or too heavy to be transported as standard shipments.

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The fastest international shipments

Courier services with Paczka2Go

Courier services with Paczka2Go

As the world becomes increasingly global and globalized, overseas shipments play a key role in business. Efficiency and efficiency in the area of international shipments are particularly important for companies operating on an international scale.

Our company offers high quality courier services: effective and reliable delivery without delays, minimized risk of damage or loss of the shipment and professional customer service.

How to send a parcel abroad with Paczka2Go?

Sending a parcel outside the country and even outside the European Union is not difficult. If the parcel is to be sent outside the European Union, we must attach customs documents, specify the content of the parcel and its monetary value. In the international transport of goods, customs documentation is often complicated.

Do not waste time! Contact us. We ensure accurate transport documentation and customs clearance of your foreign shipments.

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