Pallet shipments

Shipping on a pallet is a popular way to transport large and heavy items, industrial goods, construction materials, equipment or other large shipments. Pallets are convenient because they make it easier to load, unload and transport larger amounts of goods.

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If you’re looking for cheap and fast pallet shipments, there are several strategies you can try to minimize costs and speed up delivery.

Jeśli masz wiele przesyłek na palecie, rozważ opcję grupowej wysyłki. Dzięki temu możesz zaoszczędzić na kosztach, ponieważ wiele przesyłek może być dostarczanych razem. Staraj się wybierać opakowania dostosowane do rozmiaru i rodzaju towarów na palecie. Upewnij się, że Twoje palety są solidnie zabezpieczone, aby uniknąć uszkodzeń w trakcie transportu. To pomoże uniknąć dodatkowych kosztów naprawy lub utraty towarów.

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Each shipment is insured. Details of insurance can be found in the carriers’ regulations.

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What pallets can you
send with Paczka2Go?

Palette Euro

The Euro pallet has standard dimensions of 800 mm x 1200 mm. It is one of the most commonly used pallet sizes in Europe.

Half pallet Euro

The Euro half pallet has standard dimensions of 800 mm x 600 mm. It is exactly half the size of a standard Euro pallet, making it more compact and lightweight.

Industrial pallet

A standard industrial pallet has dimensions of 1200 mm x 1000 mm. This is larger than a Euro pallet, which means it can accommodate larger quantities of goods.

Industrial half pallet

A standard industrial half pallet usually has dimensions of 800 mm x 600 mm. This is a popular option in logistics and storage

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What can you send
pallet shipment?

Electronics / household appliances

Electronic equipment is often shipped on pallets due to their fragility and value

Building materials

Pallets are often used to transport construction materials such as bricks, blocks, plasterboard, pipes and other materials.


Furniture, both for home use and for offices or industrial purposes, can be delivered on pallets.

Auto parts

Shipping car parts on pallets is a common practice in the automotive and logistics industries.


Machines, industrial equipment, spare parts and production materials are examples of goods that can be transported on a pallet.

Packaging with goods

Pallets are also used to transport smaller goods that are placed on a pallet in bulk packaging, such as cartons or crates.

How to pack pallet for shipping

How to pack
pallet for shipping

Paczka2Go offers solutions for international pallet delivery, perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks to our platform, you will receive an immediate quote for the delivery of pallets in Europe, and our experts will advise you how to ship goods on a pallet and how to pack the pallet for shipment.

Find out what types of pallets there are and what is the correct way to stack goods on a pallet. Instantly book your pallet shipments with the most trusted freight carriers.

What should be taken into account when transporting pallets

Choosing the right pallet: Make sure you use the right type of pallet for the type of goods you will be transporting.

Appropriate packaging: Goods on a pallet should be properly packed and protected against damage during transport.

Even distribution of goods: Make sure that the goods on the pallet are evenly distributed and placed stably.

Load securing: Use straps, straps or other materials to secure goods on the pallet.

Load weight: Check that the weight of the load on the pallet is within the limits set by road transport regulations.

Marking and labeling: Use labels and information signs that clearly indicate the contents of the pallet and its owner.

Documentation: Make sure you have the appropriate shipping documentation or contact Paczka2Go.

Przesyłka ekspresowa: Jeśli towar na palecie wymaga szybkiego dostarczenia, rozważ opcję przesyłki ekspresowej z Paczka2Go.