Parcels to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an important market for many Polish companies and individuals, and the ability to deliver parcels to this country quickly and reliably is crucial. Paczka2Go understands customer needs and adapts services to these needs.

Paczka2Go parcels to the Netherlands

Send cheap and fast parcels to the Netherlands

Paczka2Go cares about every customer and offers a wide range of shipping services, including the possibility of sending parcels to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to Poland. We guarantee fast and hassle-free delivery so that customers can be sure that their shipments to the Netherlands will be handled professionally.

Contact us or use our Package Configurator. There is also a hotline. Our consultants provide support every day from Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PL time.

Send a parcel to the Netherlands
with Paczka2Go


Fast shipment delivery to the Netherlands, ensuring next day delivery.


Easily send furniture, a bicycle, a motorcycle, a quad or a musical instrument to the Netherlands.


We will pack and ship larger items on a pallet to the Netherlands.

Shipping cheaply
parcel to the Netherlands with Paczka2Go

Schedule your delivery

Choose standard delivery, which is usually cheaper than express delivery.

Limit weight and size

Make sure the package is properly packed and does not contain unnecessary extras

Use the package configurator

Use our online tool and evaluate shipping costs.

Consolidate shipments

If you have several parcels to send to the Netherlands, consider consolidating them into one larger parcel.

VAT exemption

If you are a company and are sending goods to another company in the Netherlands, make sure you meet the conditions for the parcel to be VAT exempt.

Order wholesale services

If you regularly send parcels to the Netherlands, consider negotiating wholesale prices.

Find out the cost of shipping a parcel to the Netherlands

Cheap courier to the Netherlands

What is the best way to send a parcel from Poland to the Netherlands?

Using the services of Paczka2Go is usually the fastest and most effective way to send a parcel to the Netherlands. We offer competitive prices and convenient shipping options, including door-to-door service. Sending a parcel by courier is the fastest and most convenient way of delivering a parcel to the Netherlands.

Take advantage of our online ordering system and quick parcel shipping process. Instantly book your shipment with the most trusted freight carriers.

How long does a parcel to the Netherlands take?

The average delivery time for shipments to the Netherlands is 2-4 business days. Express delivery within 1 business day is possible. This is a great option for those who need fast and guaranteed delivery.

It is worth taking into account that the transport time does not include days off from work, weekends and the day of receipt of the parcel.

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