Principles of operation and cooperation of

§ 1 Terminology: is an online brokerage website, hereinafter referred to as the Website. The owner of the Website is estonteco sp. z o. o.

company details:
ul. Kościelna 37 41-700 Ruda Śląska Polska
NIP: 6412552433

Customer – a user of the Website, a natural or legal person who registers on the Website in order to order shipments from Carriers cooperating with the Website.

Carrier – a courier company providing parcel transport services.

Partner of the Service – a company dealing with further resale of services offered by the Website.

Order Form – software of the Website, used to place orders for courier services, which calculates the value of the service based on the data provided by the user.

Parcel tracking – an element of the website, through which the customer can track the shipment online.

Waybill/label – a document printed from the website or sent to the Customer’s e-mail address, which should be attached to the shipment. This document may also be provided by an employee of the courier company when collecting the parcel from the sender. Based on it, the courier company (Carrier) performs the service for the Customer.

§ 2. General information and provisions

  • is an online brokerage website that allows you to quote and order courier shipments from selected courier companies online.
  • is not a courier company and does not provide transport services. is a brokerage website. Transport services are provided by selected courier companies (including DPD), which are carriers cooperating with the Website and taking full responsibility for the shipment.
  • The Website may only be used by adult natural persons with full legal capacity, legal persons, organizational units that do not have legal personality, but can acquire rights and incur liabilities on their own behalf.
  • is not liable for legal or financial liability for improper performance of services or failure to fulfill obligations by the Carrier and the Ordering Party, or for any resulting damage, both direct and indirect, or lost profits.
  • By ordering a shipment via the website, the Ordering Party accepts the regulations of the Website and the regulations of the selected carrier. If the Ordering Party refuses to accept any of these regulations, he should refrain from purchasing the service.
  • Working days are days from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and non-working days both in Poland and in the UK.
  • The delivery times given on the website are estimates, based on typical delivery times for over 90% of orders. These times are not guaranteed.

§ 3. Orders

  • Orders can be placed on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders can only be placed online via the website at Orders and payments are accepted automatically.
  • Registration on the website – When placing the first order, the Ordering Party may create an account on the website. The account is created based on the email address provided by the Ordering Party. A password enabling you to log in to the website will be sent to the provided email address. All correspondence regarding orders will be sent to the provided email address, including: payment confirmations, shipment tracking numbers, etc.
  • The order is considered accepted after the Ordering Party has correctly completed the order form, made the payment, credited the payment to the account and received an e-mail confirming acceptance of the order for processing.
  • After receipt of the shipment by the Carrier, the shipment number will be sent to the Ordering Party’s e-mail address. This will be used, alongside your order number, to identify your shipment and track it online. You can track your shipment on the Website or on the Carrier’s website.
  • All changes and corrections to orders must be reported only electronically by submitting a notification on the Website in the CONTACT tab. The deadline for submitting corrections must allow information to be sent to the carrier and in the case of DPD: Parcels on the Poland – England/Scotland/Wales route: no later than 8:00 a.m. (UK time) on the day of receipt of the shipment. Parcels from England/Scotland/Wales to Poland no later than 8:00 a.m. (UK time) on the day before the selected date of collection.
  • All correspondence between the Website and the Ordering Party must take place via the CUSTOMER PANEL tab. Telephone notifications do not guarantee changes to the order and each time require a written notification via the Customer Panel located on the Website.
  • Collection of the parcel by the courier – The date of receipt of the parcel selected by the ordering party is not guaranteed, however, in over 95% of cases, parcels are collected on the selected date.
  • If the courier has not collected the parcel on the scheduled date by 7:00 p.m., a new pickup date must be set. To do this, prepare your order number and contact us by e-mail or telephone. If the courier did not collect the parcel due to the customer’s fault, a fee of GBP 8 will be charged. Failure to collect the parcel on the scheduled date cannot be the basis for a complaint.
  • Parcel delivery time – The given delivery times are expressed in business days and were determined based on the data of standard transit times in the network of a given Carrier – they do not take into account unexpected downtime of parcels resulting from reasons beyond the carrier’s control, e.g. customs inspections, weather phenomena, etc. Times are not guaranteed. In the case of towns located at a large distance from the Carrier’s branch, the indicated transit time may be longer. Typically, delivery takes place during office hours in the destination country. The day of receipt of the shipment is day 0 (zero).
  • Correctness of address data – The customer is obliged to provide correct address data of the recipient and sender. If incorrect data is provided, neither the Website nor the Carrier shall be liable for improper performance of the service.
  • Weight and dimensions of the shipment – The Ordering Party is responsible for providing the actual weight and dimensions of the shipment. If the declared weight or dimensions of the shipment are exceeded, an additional fee will be charged, ranging from £10 to £250 + VAT. The shipment may then be suspended. The service may claim the additional fees due up to 3 months from the date of delivery of the shipment.
  • The Ordering Party is obliged to comply with the list of prohibited items of the selected Carrier and the rules for packing parcels required by the website and the Carrier’s regulations.
  • Payments can be made using the PayPal payment system, both in PLN (Polish zlotys) and GBP (British pounds) or by transfer to the Website’s account. The order is considered paid after the fee is credited to the account. In the case of payment by transfer to a Polish account in PLN, the Ordering Party is obliged to send confirmation of payment by e-mail. Payment for the placed order should be made within the time limit enabling the Order to be sent to the Carrier (see §3 point 5). In case of non-payment, the order will be automatically canceled.
  • Withdrawal from the provision of the service. reserves the right to withdraw from the order without giving reasons.

§ 4. Shipment security and insurance

  • The Ordering Party’s obligation is to carefully and safely pack the shipment in such a way as to protect it against transport risks and risks related to the sorting and/or handling process. Moreover, the shipment and its packaging cannot pose a threat to other shipments or the Carrier’s staff. If the shipment (or its contents) causes damage to other packages, the Ordering Party will be responsible for the resulting damage.
  • Before sending the shipment, the ordering party is obliged to read the list of items prohibited for shipment, specified by the selected Carrier in its regulations.
  • When sending parcels to different Recipients, the Sender is fully responsible for verbally providing the courier with information allowing the correct waybills to be attached to the appropriate parcels. Otherwise, if the parcels are delivered incorrectly, the Carrier and are not responsible for their re-sending.
  • Each shipment is insured. The amount of insurance depends on the Carrier and is: DPD – Insurance up to £100 included in the price. More information about insurance can be found in the Carriers’ regulations.
  • Parcel insurance does not cover contents with personal items. I.e. that a refund can only be requested if the items are new, unused and the customer has the original proof of purchase (receipt, invoice). The above-mentioned provision also applies to additional insurance for the shipment.
  • Parcels should include:
  • Packed in a cardboard box or other packaging appropriate to the nature of the shipment, closed and secured with an effective means to prevent spontaneous opening or destruction of the contents
  • The packaging should be durable, appropriately matched to the dimensions of the shipment and should prevent access to the contents without leaving traces.
  • Packages should be described when the properties or contents of the shipment require it, e.g.: “Careful, Glass!”, “Up/Down”, “Do not tip over”, etc.
  • Fragile items that are easily damaged should be packed in original packaging that fits the shape of the item!
  • Items in the package should not move and no empty spaces should be left – if there are any, they should be filled with e.g. Styrofoam, sponge, newspapers, etc.
  • Parcels should be described – the recipient’s exact address and telephone number – should be placed on the largest surface of the box (package)
  • If we are sending a bag, backpack or suitcase, we place them so that everything, including handles and protruding parts, is in the box. Parcels will be reloaded in warehouses, where the belts used for this purpose look exactly like at the airport, and for reasons of safety and efficiency of work, all protruding parts and handles must be closed in a box.
  • The carrier is responsible for the safety and condition of the shipment – not the packaging; destruction of the packaging is not a basis for a complaint. For example, if a suitcase is sent without external packaging, it will be treated as packaging.

§ 5. Complaints

  • The Carrier is responsible for all claims regarding improper performance of the service and the payment of compensation.
  • The entity authorized to file a complaint against the Carrier is the Ordering Party. The website provides all assistance in preparing the complaint process and completing the formalities. If you have a complaint, please contact us via the customer panel or e-mail.
  • The carrier’s complaint procedure is specified in its regulations.
  • Complaints, assistance and returns. provides full assistance in filing complaints, but full responsibility for paying benefits related to possible damage to goods or failure to provide the service lies with the Carrier. The process and terms of service complaints are specified separately for each Carrier.
  • DPD complaints. Remember to check the condition and contents of the parcel before signing the receipt certificate. Some Carriers may waive liability if the customer does not verify the condition of the goods sent with the courier. A complaint may be submitted directly to DPD by the Customer or via If you use the complaint submission service via the website. The website does not provide any express or implied guarantees and is not responsible for the outcome of the complaint process. The outcome of the complaint process is fully dependent on the courier company (DPD Polska) and its insurance company (e.g. AXA). has no direct influence on the outcome of the compensation process.

If your parcel has not been delivered within the expected time, please inform us immediately, in order to file a complaint about the missing parcel, we must report this fact to the carrier no later than 14 days from the date of sending the parcel. Otherwise, the complaint cannot be submitted. So if you suspect that your parcel has been lost, please contact us no later than the 13th day (it must be a business day) from the date of sending the parcel by 3:00 p.m. so that we have time to contact the carrier and report the problem.

Items of a personal nature cannot be advertised with DPD UK. Such parcels are sent at your own risk. Complaints are also not subject to items prohibited in international transport (dangerous goods, flammable products, live or dead animals, perishable items or frozen food, cash, checks, glass such as porcelain and others, documents, TVs larger than 37 inches, all goods requiring controlled temperature , pornography, firearms, suitcases)

The basis for initiating a complaint procedure are always receipts or invoices (please keep them until the shipment is delivered), based on them you can estimate the value of the damaged or missing item.

§ 6. Items prohibited from international shipping

  • tobacco products
  • delicate things (tiles, porcelain, glass)
  • alcohol
  • prescription drugs, narcotics and other intoxicating substances,
  • products that are damp, leaky or emitting any kind of odors,
  • food (only dry products with a long expiration date),
  • aerosols and other flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, corrosive substances,
  • knives and other sharp objects,
  • weapons and ammunition, bulletproof vests,
  • liquid substances, including: paints, adhesives, tanks, barrels, ADR substances, cleaning products,
  • live plants and animals,
  • fur, leather and animal products,
  • human or animal remains,
  • car parts: engines, batteries, gearboxes, seat belt tensioners,
  • works of art, antiques, precious jewelry, money, credit or payment cards, negotiable securities, bands, certificates, etc.

DPD carrier regulations – Domestic Services DPD, International Services DPD, Specific Terms of Service DPD
GLS carrier regulations – Statute
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