Shipments to England

For many people and businesses, international shipping, including to the UK, is a key part of their business. So it’s good news that courier companies including Paczka2Go have adapted to changing post-Brexit conditions and established effective procedures for shipping parcels to the UK.

Paczka2Go deliveries to England

Cheap parcel to England with Paczka2Go

The cheapest option for shipping your parcel to England may be by land or sea. The choice depends on your budget and the time that is available for delivery. Ground shipping is usually a cheaper option than air shipping, but may take a little longer. If you want fast delivery and you have a parcel weighing up to 10 kg, you can use Paczka2Go services and choose international air shipping.

You can estimate the cost of shipping to England yourself by entering the dimensions and weight of the package in the parcel configurator on our website.

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Each shipment is insured in case of loss, damage or loss of the parcel during transport.

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Fast parcel to England with Paczka2Go

Express couriers

They deliver parcels very quickly, usually within 1-3 business days, depending on the service selected and availability.

Aviation services

Air shipping is a fast option, especially when it comes to international shipments.

International couriers

Paczka2Go has proven partners and specializes in international courier shipments.

Car couriers

If you are in neighboring countries or on the mainland, car shipping may be a quick delivery option.

Find out the cost of shipping to England

What can’t you send to England?

Food products

Weapons and explosives


Works of art, monuments

Stimulants and drugs

Plants and animals

Cheap courier to England

Cheap courier to England

Paczka2Go offers convenient and effective solutions in the field of international courier shipments.

Using the easy-to-use Parcel Configurator, which allows you to send foreign parcels in just a few minutes, is a convenient option for you, especially in the era of the growing popularity of online shopping and international shipments. This allows you to save time and effort without leaving your home.