Shipments to the UK from Poland

You can stay in touch with family and friends in the UK and send parcels to England. Sending international parcels with Paczka2Go can be quite simple as long as you follow customs requirements and procedures.

Shipments to the UK from Poland

Cheap shipments to the UK with Paczka2Go

We can send parcels to the UK without unnecessary formalities and at a good price with Paczka2GO. We provide assistance with packing and completing the necessary documents. We offer a door to door UK parcel delivery service with no hidden fees.

Do not waste time. The ordering process through our package configurator is simple and intuitive.

Send a parcel to the UK with Paczka2Go

Price clarity

Accurate shipping costs to the UK and no unexpected charges.

Delivery area

Paczka2Go offers delivery to all regions of the UK

Delivery tracking

A simple online parcel tracking system to the UK

Parcel to England after Brexit

Customs declarations

After Brexit, you will need to complete customs declarations for all shipments to England.


When sending goods to the UK you may be required to pay UK VAT.

Delivery time

Due to customs checks and changes in procedures, delivery times for parcels to the UK may be longer than before.

Regulations and restrictions

Import and export regulations have changed.

Find out the cost of shipping a parcel to the UK

What can you send in a parcel to the UK?

Books and papers

Hermetically sealed cosmetics


Electronic accessories

Household appliances


Paczka2go parcel from Poland to the UK

How much does a parcel from Poland to the UK cost?

The cost of shipping a parcel from Poland to the UK can vary significantly depending on many factors: the weight and size of the parcel and the method of delivery. If you need fast delivery, choosing the express courier option will be more expensive than standard ground delivery. You can also insure your parcel against loss or damage. Shipping costs may vary depending on the time of year, especially during holiday periods.

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