Unusual shipments

Custom shipments are those that differ from standard packages in size, shape, weight, or other specifications. Such shipments may require special treatment and attention during the transportation process.

Paczka2Go - Unusual shipments

Non-standard shipments with Paczka2Go

For non-standard shipments, it is important to adapt packaging, security and transportation procedures to the specific needs of the shipment to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

You can now send an oversized parcel: bicycle, motorcycle, quad, TV, furniture, etc. Paczka2Go also accepts offers for removals on the PL-UK, UK-PL and DE-PL routes.

Send custom package

Bicycle, motorcycle, skis, quad

Thoroughly clean the item from mud and dirt and contact us.

Musical instruments, works of art

We will prepare a special durable tube, case or suitcase for shipments of unusual works of art.


We will prepare the necessary packaging for you and ensure the safety of your items.

What unusual shipments
Can you send from Paczka2Go?

Large shipments

These may include, for example, furniture, sports equipment or other large items.

Parcels with unusual shapes

If the shipment has an unusual shape, for example very long, wide or high, it may be treated as non-standard.

Fragile or breakable goods

Shipments containing fragile or breakable items such as glass, porcelain, musical instruments or works of art.

Unusual materials

Shipments containing hazardous or unusual materials, such as chemicals or radioactive materials.

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How to pack bike to ship

How to pack bike to ship?

Sending a bicycle requires a specialized approach and appropriate preparation:

  • Clean the bike thoroughly and remove any dirt.
  • Remove the front wheel and place it in a separate case or package.
  • Secure the chain and derailleurs.
  • Protecting your bike frame is crucial. You can use bubble materials, foam or special bike covers to protect it.
  • Place the bike on a pallet or in a special bicycle box and secure it appropriately.

You don’t have the right packaging or you’re pressed for time? Contact Paczka2Go and we will take care of your shipment. Take advantage of our pallet shipment offer.

How to send
motorcycle or quad?

Paczka2Go’s general tips for sending a non-standard motorcycle shipment:

  • Make sure the motorcycle is clean and free of any fluids.
  • Remove the battery and place it separately.
  • Clean and protect your motorcycle against corrosion.
  • Use specialized packaging to transport the motorcycle or place it on a pallet and secure it appropriately.

Pack your quad:

  • Thoroughly clean the quad of mud and dirt.
  • Use special belts and securing devices to prevent the quad from moving during transport.
  • Place the quad on a pallet or in special packaging and secure it appropriately.
How to send motorcycle or quad
How to send skis by courier

How to send skis by courier?

Skiing is a popular and exciting winter activity. Shipping skis and other ski accessories such as helmets, poles, goggles to any place in the country or around the world can be very useful for lovers of this sport. Pack your skis:

  • Bind your skis together and also bind your skis to prevent damage.
  • Protect the edges of your skis with special covers or foam.
  • Place your skis in a bag or ski case and secure them properly.

Contact Paczka2Go and send your parcel without any problems. If you are pressed for time, use express delivery.